About Us

IphoneRadar is a review website for iphones, android enabled devices, Windows enabled devices, computers and tablets run by a team of tech enthusiasts. The reviews are curated from Amazon, which arguably the largest retail store in the world! IphoneRadar also focuses on the prices of these gadgets, its specification and and the latest technology available.

The design of the website and its content means that you do not need to seek reviews elsewhere as customers and users who have a first-hand knowledge of these products can authoritatively give you insights on each of these products. We value hones opinion and we believe that only first-hand users can give it.

Our ultimate vision is that iphoneradar would eventually become a reference portal for curated reviews of all Apple products and other devices electronic devices manufactured by Apple rivals and competitors with the ultimate aim of putting  the potential buyer or user at the drivers seat in terms of decision making before he makes his payment for a particular product on Amazon